Invisalign® for Teens - Meeting the Unique Needs of Teen Patients

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Invisalign® for Teens - Meeting the Unique Needs of Teen Patients

BC Orthodontics Group member dentists offer Invisalign® for Teens to meet the unique needs of teens looking to straighten their smiles without the hassle of metal braces. Today we highlight some unique features created by Invisalign, specifically with teens in mind.

Invisalign® for Teens

Many of our teen patients have turned to standard Invisalign to straighten their teeth and improve the appearance and function of their smiles. While standard Invisalign did the job, during their treatment our dentists discovered that teen patients ran into some unique challenges, directly related to being a teenager. 

Now, Invisalign for teens can address teens' orthodontic treatment challenges, and give young people the smile they've always wanted, without the hassle of metal braces.

Compliance Indicators

Compared to our adult patients, teens tend to be less compliant with their Invisalign treatment. Often teens wear their aligners for less than the prescribed amount of time, removing their aligners more often and for longer periods of time than adult patients. Not wearing aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day can cause treatment delays. Invisalign for teens' compliance indicators help teens to monitor how long they have been wearing a given set of aligners.

Compliance indicators are small blue dots on the back of each aligner. The dots gradually fade as the aligners are being worn, and only disappear once the aligners have been worn as prescribed, for a full two week period. Compliance indicators make it easy for teens to tell when they have worn the aligners as prescribed and when it's time to change to their next set of aligners.

Stageable Eruption Tabs

Dental development continues throughout the teen years. That's why Invisalign for teens has been designed with stageable eruption tabs. Eruption tabs provide just the correct amount of space for new adult teeth to grow in, right where they should be. This feature helps to provide room for the new adult teeth, and gently guide each tooth into its correct position.

Replacement Aligners

Because teens tend to lose or damage their aligners more often than adults, Invisalign for teens conveniently includes six sets of replacement aligners. Replacement aligners mean that even if a set of aligners are lost or damaged, your teen's Invisalign treatment can continue without missing a beat.

To learn more about Invisalign for Teens unique features, contact one of our BC Orthodontics Group Practices today to book a consultation.

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