Sports Mouth Guards for Braces

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Sports Mouth Guards for Braces

For those who have braces and play sports, there are few pieces of equipment more important than a sports mouth guard.

You’ve probably already had to make a few lifestyle changes since getting your braces, to keep them safe and clean, and to make sure treatment goes according to plan.

For example  you probably have to eat a bit differently than before, and you likely spend quite a bit more time carefully brushing and flossing your teeth than you used to, too!

Another area where you’ll have to exercise more caution than usual during treatment is athletics.

A sports mouth guard is essential for protecting your orthodontic appliances, teeth, mouth and face during sports.

Though a mouth guard is a good idea if you play contact sports, whether or not you wear braces, since braces pose a greater risk of oral injury, they make mouth guards even more important.

Firstly, damaged orthodontic appliances can be quite costly to repair or replace. Aside from the cost, any damage to orthodontic appliances and braces will inevitably disrupt the progress of your orthodontic treatment, the result being delays and setbacks. In other words, you may wind up having to wear your braces longer than planned.

An even more important consideration is that, as your teeth change position during treatment, they will become loosened. This, of course, make them much more susceptible to damage or even being knocked out than they would otherwise be.

Damaged orthodontic appliances can also cause serious lacerations to the soft tissues in your mouth, including your teeth and gums.

What type of mouth guard should I get?

Stock or boil and bite mouth guards are easy to find at most sporting goods stores, and are the inexpensive option. However, custom-made mouth guards provide by far the best protection. They do cost more, but custom-made mouth guards will keep you safer because they are moulded to fit your your mouth and teeth specifically, thereby providing better protection. And that means they could save you money on the long run.

If have braces and play sports, you need a mouth guard! Contact one of our BC Orthodontics practices today to get fitted for your custom-made mouth guard.

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